Volunteer Information

Volunteers at Sweet Repeats are VIPs!! We cannot keep our doors open without the amazing help of our volunteers. Please consider volunteering with us. Volunteer requirements are work 6 hours either before or during the sale and approximately 2 hours after the sale during sorting. Some volunteers prefer to work all of their hours during sorting, and we certainly won't turn you down!!

Sign up for volunteers will be during drop off this year. We will have the schedule and you can look at it and sign up for times that work best for you. Please email if you have questions. If you need us to sign you up, please just email us at admin@sweetrepeats.biz.

Perks of volunteering:

Shop BEFORE Consignors

Shop 1/2 price BEFORE Consignors

Shop and receive an EXTRA 1/3 off on the last day of the sale. If an item is discounted, it will be 1/2 price then take 1/3 off of that! If an item is NOT discounted, you still get 1/3 off. We drop our 1/3 as a thanks to you!

Contact us if you have any questions.